No more field promotion and claim surprises! 

Whether you use a spreadsheet or an advanced Trade Promotion System (TPM) to manage your promotional activities, Promotion IM will allow you to finally deliver control and value realisation in the field. Unlike traditional field sales tools, Promotion IM is designed to work with the complex promotional programs seen in modern Grocery channels.

Promotion IM provides the following benefits:

- Tackles real-life business requirements for promotions and claims in the field 

- Coordinates the Field teams with the HO team in real time - full visibility of HO and Cycle deals on field staff devices, updated with any central changes immediately

- Comprehensive reporting and tracking of promotional commitments made in the field

- Use electronic signatures and emails to certify commitments, self-documenting

- Track and report promotional compliance at the store level

- Integrates with back-office systems, from spreadsheets all the way through to complete ERP and TPM integration

- Works on a low-cost tablet platform online/offline

- Can work alongside your existing field sales tool

- And more…


The features of Promotion IM come either as a stand-alone tool or be purchased as part of a comprehensive field solution with Sales IM.