Field Integrated Merchandiser Management


An integrated merchandising app for enterprise field teams

Empower your merchandisers with a simple but highly integrated tool to optimise your investment in expensive merchandising resources – make every merchandising $ count. One product provides immediate and substantial returns in both HR/H&S and Sales functional areas.

Task tracking over multiple visits

Task tracking over multiple visits

Do you know where your merchandisers are working and what they are doing – at any time of the day? Did that ‘must-do’ display in West Auckland or Bendigo or King of Prussia get built yesterday, ready for today’s promotional launch? Are you running to budget for merchandising this month, with all timesheets logged and up-to-date – who are you waiting on … help them along or answer their queries? Can your TM’s see what is happening in each of their stores with promotional compliance checks and regular merchandising activity, relays etc? With Merchandiser IM and an Android or Apple phone in each merchie’s pocket, supervisors and Merchandising managers can very effectively and efficiently communicate across the street, city or country, keeping tabs on large, fluid workforces, orchestrating

Superior service and reliably delivering stores in tip-top condition, on a national scale.

By using Merchandiser IM (MIM) in conjunction with Sales IM, you can optimise sales execution and make your merchandisers a crucial part of an integrated sales organisation. Merchandiser IM is designed to work with our Sales IM suite to provide your company a single store view of all activities performed by all field staff.

As well as a comprehensive set of tracking, status and performance reports, the data captured from MIM feeds the included cloud-based data warehouse or your own data warehouse. The comprehensive BI reporting is an opportunity to effectively close the loop on Cost-to-Serve and Trade Spend ROI business intelligence measures.

Merchandiser IM provides the following benefits:

  • Effectively manage and monitor all retail execution activities

  • Highly configurable in-store retail audits and data capture in the field

  • Track tasks associated with promotional activities

  • Track locational task compliance using phone-based GPS monitoring

  • Key informational alert communication and acknowledgement tracking

  • Can work alongside existing field sales tools or company back office CRM systems

  • Timesheet and millage tracking for upload to payroll & financial systems

  • Full mobile, native offline/online functionality

  • Designed for iOS & Android smart phones

  • Health & Safety incident tracking and Safe-in-store compliance

  • Capture sickness and leave requests

  • Optimise journey and task planning