Business Benefits

Insightful.Mobi is the only company that can deliver the next generation of field mobility tools that go way beyond simple field capture tools and field CRM. Our industry leading app deliver the following benefits

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Ease of Use

Our apps are designed to be easy for all your field staff to use regardless of their technical ability, with minimal training required to get started

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Increased Productivity

Sales reps using our system are at least 25% more efficient and effective than they were before implementing our applications

Better Visibility 

With built-in geo-tracking that includes snail trails you will always know where your reps are vs. where they should be

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True Enterprise Integration/Control

Our apps are designed to seamlessly integrate into your ERP/Financials, CRM, Trade Promotions Management and Business Intelligence systems to support one version of the truth

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Improved ROI

Delivering your company’s results is not always just about delivering gross sales it is also about delivering profitability and maximizing your brand presence in the trade. With Insightful.Mobi apps you can prioritize all of your KPIs